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Long Coupled/Frame Mounted

BaseTek PoxyBase® non-metallic polymer composite baseplates are designed for frame mounted / long-coupled ANSI/ASME pump combinations. Available in 16 models to accommodate all NEMA motor frames. Custom configurations to accept ISO pump and IEC motor combinations are also available.

Long-coupled frame mounted combinations
Available in 16 sizes
Meets ANSI/ASME B73.1-2001 standards
Conforms to PIP-RESP002

Frequently Asked Questions

PoxyBase Features

Available in 16 ANSI/ASME Sizes

Save time with off-the-shelf delivery for B73.1M-2001 Model Pumps

Corrosion resistant

Eliminates maintenance and upkeep

Integrated drip pan

Provides additional containment with drain connection (may be omitted)

Stainless steel inserts

Reduce corrosion and cast in place to prevent pull-out (options available)

Leveling holes

Speeds installation with threaded holes as standard

Grout hole

Meets ANSI/ASME specifications for full compliance (may be omitted)

Flat surface to 0.002”/ft.

Speeds alignment and eliminates soft foot for a reliable installation

Custom hole patterns

Easily include your unique hole pattern to accommodate any equipment (see Custom QuickBase)

Typical Applications

  • ANSI/ASME Chemical Process Pumps
  • NEMA/IEC Motors
  • PIP RESP002
  • Long Coupled / Frame Mounted

PoxyBase Brochure

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