GreenShield      a patented monolithic foundation system combining both the equipment mounting surface and traditional concrete pad into one integrated design. Made from corrosion resistant Zanite​® Plus polymer concrete, each foundation is cast with rugged walls containing internal reinforcements eliminating common stress cracking. Outstanding vibration damping characteristics provide longer life for rotating equipment in conjunction with lower foundation maintenance requirements.

Arrives at Required Height - Eliminates Field Modifications

GreenShield 5 Year Gaurantee - Please contact your GreenShield representative for more details.

Quick and Easy to Install

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GreenShield Information

GreenShield™ Features


Patent-pending levelers speed installation while verifying accuracy

CenterMark Laser

Ensures accurate alignment

Stainless Threaded Leveling Inserts

For easy and accurate leveling

Epoxy Sealed Anchor Bolts

Eliminates potential corrosion

Flexible Construction

Select the exact height to best fit your application

Integral Side Lifting Inserts

For safe lifting and transport

Internal Rebar Reinforcement

Eliminates potential stress cracking

Grounding Lugs

Provides reliable grounding of all equipment

Zanite® Plus

Offers excellent corrosion resistance and vibration damping


Superior flatness at 0.002"/ft

Reinforced Stainless Steel Pump And Motor Inserts

Provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Will not twist or pull-out even under extreme torque.

GreenShield™ Advantages

  • Quick 1-day installations
  • Lowest total installed cost
  • Built to specified height
  • Thick reinforced walls
  • Integrated PoxyVials™
  • Secure lifting provisions
  • Integrated grounding system
  • Material options
  • Superior flatness
  • Installation kits available

How to Specify

GreenShield Brochure

Inquiry Form
Inquiry Form

GreenShield™ Complimentary Options

Fill/Vent Kit
  • Installation kits include all key mounting hardware
  • UniBlock motor mounting pads complete with hardware
  • BiD Motor Adjusters for fast, precise alignment

GreenShield™ Installation Features

Centermark laser
  • CenterMark™ laser system (optional)
  • Threaded Leveling Screws with PoxyVials™
Novolac install
  • 1-Day standard installation (shown in optional Novolac)