BaseTek manufactures precision polymer mineral castings constructed of our Zanite® Plus polymer concrete

Design Features


Significant vibration reduction


Thermal stability


Superior corrosion resistance


Cost Effective


Design flexibility


Environmentally friendly


Cast to finished tolerances


Reliable Longevity

Since 2001, BaseTek specializes in the design and manufacture of quality polymer castings constructed of our Zanite Plus polymer concrete. We lead the industry in pump bases and baseplates for rotating equipment and provide epoxy granite foundations used in the machine tool, semi-conductor, metrology, electrical, HVAC, and automotive industries.

We take the mystery out of a precision polymer concrete casting and invite you to experience the BaseTek difference today.

Typical Applications

Typical applications include: high speed machining cells, turning centers, CNC knee mills, milling machines, waterjet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, grinders and industrial measurement and testing equipment.
Typical applications include: non-metallic corrosion resistant baseplates for chemical and general duty process pumps and related rotating equipment such as motors and compressors. Rigid and flat (0.002” per foot) mounting surfaces speed and maintain alignment. Vibration damping extends equipment reliability and service life.
Zanite®  Plus machines are able to withstand harsh production environments and give instant, accurate results. Zanite® Plus thermal stability, design flexibility, and virtually zero moisture absorption rates help metrology equipment manufacturers achieve their goals.
Typical applications include ultra-precision machining, diamond turning, precision grinding machines. The nanotechnology is used to produce optical lenses, mirrors, and other mechanical components with sub-micron and nanometer surface finishes. Zanite®  Plus polymer composite offers a precise and stable platform that offers vibration damping from both internal and external sources.
Typical applications include: screen printing machines, wire and die bonding, wafer inspection and testing, lithography, laser PCB drilling machines, pick and place machines, surface profilers, wafer handling and storage, dicing machines, flip-chip, and dispensing equipment.
Typical applications include custom dimensioned housekeeping pads to raise utility or telecommunication cabinets and enclosures off the floor or ground to protect them from moisture and allow for easy access. Stainless steel threaded holes can be cast to location providing a noncorrosive, nonconductive, mounting pad for equipment. Custom housekeeping pads can be cast to for any specific application and reduce onsite preparation and installation costs. Internal reinforcement can be added for seismic pad applications. Zanite Plus polymer composite pads are built to last and will outperform conventional concrete pads in every way.