Pump Bases

Close-coupled mounting combinations
Available in 5 sizes and optional materials
Pre-drilled for ANSI/ASME B73.1-2001 pumps

Long-coupled frame mounted combinations
Available in 16 sizes
Meets ANSI/ASME B73.1-2001 standards
Confirms to PIP-RESP002

Custom hole patterns per your specification
Available on any of our existing casting footprints
Super-quick deliveries and easy design process
Complete custom work also available

Keeping your rotating equipment level and secure is essential. PoxyBase guarantees a solid and unmatched surface flatness compared to conventional steel designs and vinyl ester designs. Our bases provide significant vibration damping, resist twisting and diaphragming, superior thermal stability all in an extremely corrosion resistant design. Users also claim significant installation savings.

Your benefit: equipment that lasts longer and operates more efficiently for a healthier bottom line. Compared to Steel, they’re flat out the best!

Machine Bases

Automated Fluid Dispenser

Precision Grinder Base

Automated Capacitor Winder

Machine tool castings offer significant vibration damping, thermal stability, and corrosion resistance. BaseTek incorporates the latest casting technologies and can aid in the development of tooling and part design thru modern in-house CAD capability including Solid Modeling and sophisticated Finite Element Analysis software.

Machine tool bases and support structures made with Zanite offer quieter operation, no deterioration from cutting fluids, improved machined surfaces and improved cutting tool life. Description of picture: Base and gantry for automated fluid dispensing system (1,100 lbs.)

Filled Weldments

Automotive Engine Test Stand

Zanite Plus is a great filler for your existing weldement or iron casting. Our process is excellent for low volume and custom applications. This method offers the benefit of polymer damping without the cost of tooling. Our proven process eliminates voids provides secure adhesion to most surfaces. Same day in-house service is quite common.