PoxyGrout is a three-component, high performance corrosion resistant epoxy grout system. PoxyGrout creates a strong chemical bond between most prepared surfaces and structures. Designed specifically for the proper installation of BaseTek products along with backfilling of steel weldments and other fabrications. High strength, quick cure, and negligible shrink make it the perfect solution for grouting both new equipment and re-grouting or repair of existing applications.


Offered in both Zanite Plus (ZP) and Novolac (N) formulations

Packaged in traditional 4-bag systems (1.6 cubic foot) OR our convenient to use mix-in-bucket EZKIT (0.35 cubic foot)


Please contact us for unit pricing and project quantity discounts. Phone at 877.712.BASE(2273) or email info@basetek.com

Please contact us for a quick response for your design and pricing requirements. By phone at 877.712.BASE (2273) or email info@basetek.com

PoxyGrout™ Features

Premium Corrosion Resistance

Offers longevity and reliability in chemical applications (Novolac options available)

Reliable Cure Cycle (24 hours)

Adequate working time allows for efficient installation

Negligible Shrink

Minimizes voids and will not crack and pull away from structures


Provides wide application range while easing installation

Low Exotherm

Minimal temperature rise increases cure integrity and stability

High Strength Formulation

Provides strong adhesion to metal and concrete

PoxyGrout™ Applications

  • Baseplate installation
  • Structure backfilling & support
  • Structure preservation
  • Dam/dike formations
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Tank stabilization
  • Slab raising