PoxyCove is a two-component, premium corrosion resistant epoxy caulk system. PoxyCove creates an easy to apply durable fluid tight epoxy seal between BaseTek products and another adjacent surface such as a bottom foundation, floor, or housekeeping pad. Ideal for on-site sealing of small joint created by mating of two surfaces. Can be used for new or existing applications.

Offered in (4) color options: Black, Red, Blue, and Gray 





Kit contains covers approximate 16 (4.8M) lineal feet

Please contact us for unit pricing and project quantity discounts. Phone at 877.712.BASE(2273) or email info@basetek.com

Please contact us for a quick response for your design and pricing requirements. By phone at 877.712.BASE (2273) or email info@basetek.com

PoxyCove™ Features

High Viscosity Formulation

Creates an easy to apply material with vertical surface hold - consistency of thick peanut butter

Premium Corrosion Resistance

Offers longevity and reliability in most chemical applications

Quick Cure (1-2 hours)

Reduces installation time

Negligible Shrink

Maintains fluid tight seal/barrier between surfaces

High Strength Formulation

Provides strong adhesion to metal, concrete, wood, and most polymers

PoxyCove™ Applications

  •  Foundation installation
  •  Product joint sealing
  •  Structure preservation
  •  Dam/dike formations
  •  Crack mitigation