BaseTek can quickly fill most customer supplied structures with our Zanite polymer composite material.  This technique offers the benefit of polymer vibration damping without the cost and time associated with a mold.  We can fill weldments ranging from a few pounds of polymer to tens of thousands of pounds.  Our Zanite mineral composite is a great solution.

We offer in-house service with quick turnaround times. Most castings filled within 2-3 days of arrival.

Please contact us for a quick response for your design and pricing requirements. By phone at 877.712.BASE (2273) or email

Filled Weldment Features

Excellent for low volume and custom work

Eliminates the need for complex tooling and longer production times saving money and time

Vibration damping without cost of a mold

Allow your existing frame to become a mold for our Zanite material

Fast turnaround

Take advantage of your existing design and let BaseTek fill and complete your casting within days ready for return shipment to your shop

A few pounds to over 10,000

BaseTek has the capacity to handle most any size job, large or small.

Weldment preparation

BaseTek will help design your weldment to maximize the benefits of Zanite while conserving your resources

Typical Applications

  • Grinding & Milling machines
  • Lathe beds
  • Optic tables
  • Inspection equipment
  • Automotive grinding and test equipment